Our Menu

Our Menu

Breakfast: Served All Day

Award Winning Carvery: 12-4

A la Carte: 4-9


Homemade Monks soup €4.50

Hot from the Monks pot. Chef’s homemade soup of the day freshly prepared daily using the Monk’s own grown vegetables, served with a crusty roll.

Chicken Wings€5.50

Spicy chicken wings served with the Monk’s own grown mixed salad & BBQ dip.

Deep fried Brie wedges€6.50

Hot melted cheese in a crispy coat of breadcrumbs served with a cranberry dip.

Black Pudding €6.00

Freshly cooked award winning black pudding served with home-made tomato chutney and a salad garnish.

Seafarers Chowder €6.95

Homemade seafood chowder made with freshly caught fish & seafood served with freshly baked brown bread.

Garlic Mushrooms €5.50

Deep fried breaded mushrooms served in garlic butter with a garlic mayonnaise dip & side salad.


Toasted ciabatta bread topped with chopped fresh tomatoes and garlic & cheese.

Homemade Pate€6.50

Chef’s own homemade pate served with toasted brown bread & salad garnish.

Main Courses

Roast Beef €14.95

Prime cut of Irish beef served with a Yorkshire pudding, mashed potato, gravy, horseradish sce and our own home-grown vegetables.

Merry Monk Burger €13.50

Homemade burger dressed with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, pineapple served with homemade chips & salad.

Lamb Cutlets€18.95

Lamb cutlets served with onion & mushroom, mashed potato and our own home-grown vegetables, garnished with grilled tomato & mint souce.

Roast Lamb€14.95

Prime cut of ‘Lacken’ reared Lamb served with mashed potato, gravy, mint sce and our own home-grown vegetables.

Duck Confit€15.00

Slow confit duck leg with garlic and thyme served with stir-fried vegetables and freshly cooked noodles.

The Merry Monk Baguette€13.50

Marinated Chicken strips with BBQ sce in a lightly toasted baguette with melted cheese served with homemade chips & salad.

Steak Baguette€14.50

Strips of Irish steak served in a lightly toasted baguette with mushrooms & onions served with homemade Chips & side salad & pepper souce.

Turkey & Ham €14.50

Freshly sliced Turkey & Ham with homemade stuffing, mashed potato, gravy & cranberry sce and our own home-grown vegetables.

10oz Sirloin Steak€18.95

Prime Irish steak cooked to your liking, with mushrooms, onions & tomato also served with onion rings, pepper sce, homemade chips & salad.

Chicken Fillet Burger €12.50

Chicken fillet in a bun with lettuce and mayonnaise served with homemade chips and side salad.


Two flour tortillas served with onion, mushroom and peppers with your choice of either chicken or beef, served with home-made chips and a salsa dip.

Chicken Curry€13.95

A medium curry of chicken, onion, mushrooms & peppers served with rice or chips.

Bangers & Mash€12.95

The Merry Monk’s very own homemade pork sausages served with fresh mash, onion gravy and our own home-grown vegetables.

Fish Dishes

Clarke’s Salmon €15.00

Freshly grilled fillet of local salmon and hollandaise sce served with mashed potato & the Monk’s own grown vegetables.

Cod in Batter €14.50

Fresh fillet of Cod in a beer batter with the Monk’s own grown salad & homemade chips & home-made tartar sce.

The Merry Monkfish€22.50

Freshly grilled fillet of Monkfish in a lemon and caper dressing served with mashed potato and our own home-grown vegetables.

Baked Cod€14.50

Freshly filleted cod baked in cream with tomato & onion served with mashed potato & the Monk’s own grown vegetables.


A delicious mouth-watering paella of rice, Chicken, chorizo & prawns .

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Curry €12.50

A medium curry of mixed vegetables served with rice or homemade chips & garlic bread.

Vegetarian Stir -fry €6.00

Stir fried vegetables with sweet chilli served with noodles or rice.

Vegetarian Omelette €11.50

Freshly prepared omelette with peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese served with Home-made chips & salad.


Cold Meat Salad

Starter €7.50

Main Course €13.50

Chicken Caesar Salad

Starter €7.00

Main Course €13.00

Egg Mayonnaise Salad

Starter €6.00

Main Course €12.00


Baked Alaska€5.50
Homemade Apple Pie€5.50
Chocolate Brownie€5.50
Ice-cream Sundae€5.50
Cheesecake of the Day €5.50

Baileys / Strawberry / Lemon / Ferrero Rocher

Sherry Trifle€5.50
And many more... €5.50
All desserts are prepared and baked by our own pastry Chef